How to Hide Your Mobile Number in Telegram

Sachin :- Hi Digitalkhalil can you please tell me how to

hide my mobile number in telegram. Is it possible in a telegram group no one
can see my mobile number.

Digitalkhalil: Dear Sachin you can do it in telegram no one
can see your mobile number if you prefer the security no one wants to give trouble
to you. You need to follow the following steps.

1. Click On Telegram Menu /ballet Button

Telegram Mobile View

2. Click On Settings

Telegram Mobile view 3

3. Click On Privacy and Security

Telegram Mobile view 2

4. Click on Phone Number

Telegram Mobile view 3

5. See who can see my phone number by default is Everybody you need to click on nobody

Telegram Mobile view 4

congratulation, you successfully changes your setting.

Hope so sachin you understood.




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