Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website in 2021

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You might think that your business is very vast and famous in our region. I did not need a website and I don’t want my existence on the digital village that is on the internet.

I am not a technical person, Even then I don’t know the computer and how I can exist on the internet that is a digital village. To exist on the internet is too costly and I don’t have time and I don’t want to be popular on the internet and day by day there are online frauds going there. I don’t want my business on the Internet.

Actually lots of businesses do not have a website, and the business owners do not know they are losing many customers because their existence is not present on the global hub that is on the internet..

Nowadays people search everything on the internet from small products to larger products.  Gone those days where customers search everything on the phone books yellow pages or in newspapers.

Consider if anyone comes across for  the business  related requirements, he /she is not going for the door to door investigation or searching the product or services. What he  or she does is just type on their mobile’s / Laptop  browser or any device browser about “xyz” products or services. 

If our presence is not there you might lose the fruitful customer for your business if your competitors presence is there he will take a butter and he will capture the customer even then you are best in your regain and customer goes to your competitors. 

If you don’t take a risk then how u can grow

How you can earn more money, how you can become a rich and market dominator in your business and how you can capture the big market share.

Bill Gates Quotes
Bilgate qutation

At present In India near about 700 million people are using the Internet across the country as per the Statista.


It is expected to grow nearly about 974 million users by 2025. It will lead to a huge market scope in the internet services.  

India was the second largest online market after China in 2019 as per Statista.

It is projected that the internet users will increase in India in rural and urban areas.

If you want to sustain and retain in the competitors era you have to have adopte the latest technology to gain more and more customers and retain and satisfy customers over a period of time. A website offers a wide variety of benefits for businesses, and most of these benefits increase in value exponentially year over year, just like the Internet usage is increasing year by year.


As per your question you said, it required technical background.

The fact is that you don’t need to be a technical expert, getting a professional website designer for your business can be economical and easy, and to make it even easier for you – not having a website is costing you time and money and losing your customers.

Nowadays coaching classes, Private tuition tutor, sports coach, a fitness trainer, different institutions, startup businesses, IT companies or even small-town electricians, any service providers have their own website. And, why don’t you have a website? 

Still you are in a confused mind about why you need a website for your business after reading the following points, I am sure you will make a positive decision about having your own website.

why you need a website for your business following are top 10 reasons

1. To Attract New Potential Customers Through Search Engines

Having a website you will attract new potential customers as well as you can retain the existing customers with high satisfaction level and it will create a brand identity in the mind of the your customer, and you will earn more money in a pandemic situation, you need to attract new customers, and one of the best ways to do it is by making yourself visible on Google or any search engine. If you make your website you can easily see it on any search engine. If you want to create a  strong and long-lasting relationship with your customers a website is helpful.

If you don’t have a website, you have less opportunity to capture a new customer and big market share.  You can’t available 24 *7 but you website is available on the internet 24 *7 365 days.

Websites create a quick credibility, strong impression in the mind of the customer, it leads to quick access to your business and first impression plays a vital role in the era of competitors market and you  will gain competitors advantage.  

 2. Website Is Identity of Social Proof

 Nowadays what other customers say about your product or service plays an important role no matter if your brand is top level or having good review sites. People want to see your website to get extra information about your product or services and what other people told about your product or services.

Displaying your best feedback and/or testimonials importantly on your website is a great way to establish social identity.  If your business article is published on any local  newspaper you can upload the same on the website and you showcase your achievements on the internet in the form of your website.

3. You Can Clearly Demonstrate Your Products and Services the Best Way Possible

Product or services demonstration plays a vital role if your customers want to buy your products or services. This is very important, when you are just a startup or you already have a good business where each and every individual customer plays vital.  A website is helpful for displaying your products in the best way possible and having a website can help in doing that.  You can demonstrate your product or services the way you want to do it.

For displaying your product or services you can use images, texts, you can use video, or product related videos, brochures, manuals in the form of pdfs. Your customer will get the benefit of this material.

4. A Website Is a Vital for Online Marketing

Online marketing is cheapest and it is more cost effective.  With the help of online marketing it gives very good results and very minimum efforts are required. In a very short span of time you can reach maximum customers.

To promote your business through online marketing can be effective and in a short period of time you can reach the maximum customer. You can reach to unreached customers with the help of online marketing. If you don’t have your own website it does not matter.


 A website is the platform where you are sending your fruitful customers from various social media platforms.


5. You Create Strategy to Target Your Customers

 Having a website not only gets the customers but also  you can track following metrics.


  • You will get the report about the number of customers reached to your website.
  • The number of customers who have visited your website only once (unique visitors).
  • Number of  times user visited to the page or read the content
  • Total number of customers just visited your website and quit from the website without  reading the content that they visited.
  • The customer visited to which devices like desktop or mobile
  • The customer visited from which geographical area.
  • The Customer visited last Year, Month, week, day you can track
  • The Customer used which keyword to search your website or page.
  • You will get the historical report from how many days , months or years the number of customers  visited your website content that is calculated by-average time on site.

The above steps help you to create planning to target your customers. This leads to helping you to find out what type of information customers like and how you can improve the customer’s experience so they retain and visit the website again and again.

Using your website you can do a survey with your customer about what they liked or not liked, what was their experience and what is the expectation from you in the future to improve your product or services. This will help you to create your strategy, your brand in the market.

6. A Website Can Push Customers to Reach You Easily
A potential customers can reach you easily with the help of a website what you need is that you need to display your contact information on the web page or you use the latest technology you can install a chat bots or a messenger when any potential customer visit to the site the boot or message collect the information of your customer.

Link your all social media channels to your website. Do advertising on various social media platforms so people can easily reach you and integrate your contact page with Google maps so people can find your location easily.

 7. Website Adds Your Credibility in the Market

If you want to sustain today’s volatile market your appearance on the web is most and it’s time to have a professional website where now a day’s maximum people use Smartphones. if someone is searching the product your presence is not found on the internet it affects your credibility not only the mind of the new customer even then from the existing customer. Customers are likely to engage with a company they can trust, and the website is the stepping stone towards building that relationship between customer and you.

 8. Integrate website with Google Maps

 It will help customers to reach your business, the local search skill allows Google Maps to pin and list the businesses that are related to the user’s search. It gives an advantage to customers to visit or contact your business easily. Google maps highlight the website to encourage customers to visit your website.

For  building brand  and customers trust  the review from the customer is very important Google maps displays the reviews in order to provide a complete profile of the business so the user can make a firm decision, Google Maps encourage the consumers to give reviews on Google Maps that will be helpful for to gain others customers  trust in your business.

 9. Growing Social Media Reach

 If you are thinking in such a way that I  will create a page on Facebook and I will increase the engagement on the page by putting lots of posts etc  , having a  good page on social media is  not enough to attract new customers, think twice before taking the decision it is not enough.  Every business has a Facebook page where you can’t build your house on others land. Some day you have to leave it, it’s better to build your house on your own plot that is on your website. You can use the social media network to increase your businesses in the form of paid advertisement.

10. Your competitors are already having a website?

There are 99.99 percent chances that your competitors already have a website. Nowadays thousands of companies are selling the same kind of products and services that you are going to sell , and most of your competitors have their presences on the website.

Having a website they have an advantage and they are in a good position. They are more presentable in the competitive market. They are demonstrating their product or service in a good manner and they have taken the initiative to build the trust of the customer’s.

Is it possible to compete with them?

You need to create a good website if you’re not a technical expert then hire a web development service company who will develop the website as per your requirement.

Having a good website creates a  good opportunity for finding and implementing the content that  your competitors do not have on their website. You can benefit from their weaknesses. So, having a good website is better than not having it at all. At least, you can benefit from it by having a website.


I feel that not every person needs a website; I had explained to you why every business needs a website. There’s a very small and inexpensive barrier to entry, and there is a good opportunity to help and grow your business to gain not only new customers but also sustain and retain the existing customers also. It’s found that having a website is an advantage than those do not have a website

Thanks for giving your valuable time to read this article and I am sure that after reading this article your mind will change and you will develop your website on the priority basis.

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